Find Your Voice: Week one


Today I finished up my writing prompt and journaling for week one. I’m working in a book that I had made a while back.  Today I made the cover page:


I’ve decided that the theme for my book is going to be the title of this course: Find your voice.  I think this will be important for me because I tend to be a bit of a wall flower. I have volumes and volumes written down, but I rarely share or give an opinion or do or say anything that might rock the boat for those around me.  So for me this project is going to be about speaking up!


I also worked on assignment one. I chose to respond to the questions “What makes a great story? What are your favorite stories? and What is storytelling?” all wrapped up into one:


My response:

Storytelling/Great Stories are

fun, emotional, humorous, imaginative, magical, creative, honest, true, engrossing, entertaining, healing, and informative”

So there you have it, folks. 🙂

Looking forward to week 2!



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  1. Your journal is so pretty! Very artistic and I love all the little details.
    I write loads and loads of stuff too, but never much in public 🙂 I never feel what I write is good enough for other people’s eyes.

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