Find Your Voice-Week 2, Part 2


Woo Hoo! Finished with week 2!  I decided to do both the craft prompt and the journal prompt for this one. And might I just add–what a QUINKYDINK that in this journal that I made MONTHS ago, the scrapbook pages and the lined journaling pages are lining up perfectly with this course’s prompts!  It’s fate, I tell ya, fate!


I started out by making a vertical title for this week’s entries on a half page. For some reason my computer doesn’t want to show you this pic vertically…maybe it’s afraid you can’t read sideways? Anyway, you get the idea.

I did the next 2-page spread “art journal style.” I’m not gonna lie, it was touch-and-go there for a while.  I started by collaging over the original 2 pages, then painting over top of the collage, and then collaging AGAIN with the stuff you see here.


Confession: I have been DYING to use that butterfly notecard somewhere, someway. It has no real purpose other than to sit there and be pretty. In my defense, it’s a good indicator of my favorite colors and style, so it goes with the prompt, right?


Flipping back the butterfly, you see the first page. I painted the girl first, but decided I didn’t like her–she was just to “princess-y” for me. I almost painted over her; however, once I got a better vision of where I was going with this page, I was very glad I didn’t.

This page represents me as a child and adolescent.  The insert next to it has my childhood nickname, “Smiley” on it.


On the next page is a representation of me now.  One thing that I find interesting, especially because I did not do it on purpose is that you can see the things that are the same from “then and now”–purple, the fabric tag, the continuation of the quote, and the ribbon trimming on the tag…ok, maybe that’s all, but I still think it’s neat that it worked out like that.

It also worked out just perfectly that my little “Stories” tab serves a dual purpose: to represent me now, as a reader and writer of stories, as well as to indicate the journal page behind it.


Now is that just perfect or what?

The journaling reads:

“In order to be who you are, you must be willing to forget who they told you to be.” This is a struggle I think we all face. We are told from the very beginning who we should and should not be. For me, who I was, who “they” wanted me to be was the good girl–the little princess  that never got in trouble, never spoke out of turn, and always made good grades.  This is who I was, and who, for the most part, I enjoyed being throughout my childhood and adolescence.  I think it was somewhere around my senior year in high school that my dad sat me down, concerned, and said “Look, Val. You’re a good kid, but you’ve got to start getting out there and having some fun. Get in trouble. It’s great to have good grades and all, but you’re gonna grow up soon enough. Be young and stupid while it’s still expected of you. You need to enjoy this time while you can.” How’s THAT for a father-daughter talk??? So, you know what I did? Nothing. I did not take his advice. I continued to be Miss Goodie-Goodie, staying inside and watching everyone else have all the fun. And what did it get me? A college degree and a lot of “shoulda-coulda-woulda’s.”  So, is this an excuse to be “bad”? Rebel?  I don’t think so. But it is a reason to get off the sidelines. Have an adventure (or two!),.Not just to dream, but to go out there and make things happen! DO SOMETHING ALREADY! Live life to the fullest.  I’ve made my bucket list and I’m working on checking things off of it one by one.  I mean, after all, who says good girls can’t have a little fun?

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  1. LOVE what you’re doing with the art journal.. it’s so pretty! And such a great story too. I’ve always tried to be what everyone expected me to be. Now, I’m having a hard time figuring out who I really am. I guess that’s why I finally jumped off the sidelines too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your pages are simply amazing, you are extremely talented. I love your journaling style very heartfelt but with a lot of humour. Thanks for sharing this. Your message definitely sounds like home to me. You got to make things happen before it’s too late.

  3. I jus tlove your art journal, with all the layers of colour and texture and I think many of us can relate to your story – thanks so much for sharing it :o)xxx

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