New Addition to the Shop: Moonstruck


New pony in my shop! Check him out…

I call him “Moonstruck”


He is made in the Five Gaiter mold.  Does he look a little familiar? Maybe it’s because he was in my shop before with a different paint job. Unfortunately he took a flying leap off the shelf and really dinged the paint up bad. Fortunately, the body wasn’t damaged in any way. However, his original paint job just did not want to come off. It kept gumming up on me. It literally took hours to strip him down a refinish him.  Six coats of gesso/primer later I was able to start working on him again.

He has a blue base coat with layers of metallic blue, greens, and golds and the final finish is a combination of distressed and metallic. Definitely a one of a kind!


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