Find Your Voice–Week 3


For this week’s Find Your Voice assignment, we focused on our personal and creative goals, as well as the things that make us happy.  I have been totally lazy this week and have not taken any photos of the pages that I made for my goals.  I can tell you what they are though 🙂


  1. Get certified to teach Spanish–I could. I just haven’t yet. And I should, just to keep my options open.
  2. Complete the C25K training program. –I’m on week 5 (of 8).  It’s getting hard now and I’m losing some of my motivation to keep going…must stick it out for 3 more weeks!
  3. Run in a 5k–dependent on #2
  4. Be debt free.–Paid off the car earlier this summer. One credit card left. Then, of course, there’s the student loans and mortgage, but my main focus is on the credit card now.
  5. Be able to work from home.


  1. Add 10 more items to my etsy shop.
  2. take a live workshop.–I’ve done several online classes, but I think a live one would be so much fun!
  3. Get electricity hooked up in the art room.–Yeah. Summer in SC + no air= Not getting much done out there.

The prompt for this week was to make a page in our books about something that makes us happy.

My husband is leaving to visit family in a few days and he wanted to bring some new pictures out for everyone.  So, we did a little photo shoot in a local park and at home. In the process I got the cutest picture of my little dog, Bella.

Let me tell you about Bella.

Bella is a neurotic Chihuahua that was given to us by some neighbors who were living in a rental house next to us.  They were about to move out, and the new place did not allow dogs, so they came over to ask if we would be interested in taking her.  This was a little bit of a surprise to us because

  1. We didn’t know them that well
  2. we had no idea they even had a dog

In the end, we agreed to take her, sight-unseen.

Well. What a snippy, snappy, growly, barky little monster she turned out to be. At least, that’s what I thought at first.  The first 24 hours were rough. However, “Trixie” and I had a moment:  I reached down to pick her up: she snarled and snapped. I grabbed her anyway. She got a hold of my hand in her mouth.  The moment of truth—she didn’t bite down.  She just held it there, then dropped it.  If she were truly a vicious, aggressive dog, that would have been her chance to rip me to shreds.  But she didn’t. And that’s when I realized that I wasn’t dealing with a mean dog; I was dealing with a scared, under-confident dog.

I spent the next couple of days really working to build trust with her.  I put her on a leash and kept her with me the majority of the time.  I fed her. I petted her when she was calm.  Mostly, I just sat with her doing nothing.

I also gave her a new name.  I felt that a name like “Trixie” belonged to someone who was cute, but flighty and unpredictable.  It was also too high-pitched for my liking. I wanted her to have a name that said Classy, Solid, Beautiful, Calm…And so I re-named her: Bella.

Bella had a long way to go.  She had to learn about people and floors and grass and dogs and cars (man, does she love to ride!) and walking on a leash and that brooms are only for sweeping.

I look at her now and I am so proud of her because she has come so far.

She still barks too much.

She still believes whole-heartedly in “stranger danger.”

But she has learned how to be a dog.

She has learned to tolerate my son and, to a lesser extent, my husband.

Sometimes, when I get all gushy about what progress she’s made, the people who have met her look at me like “yeah right, lady.”  They still only see teeth.

But now I have proof.

I have proof that she is sweet.

She loves me.

Every day, whether I’ve been gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, I come home to this


And that makes me happy.


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  1. Such a sweet story about Bella! I have really been thinking about getting a dog lately.. but am afraid to approach the subject with hubby (it’s a big chasm to leap there!) Oh, and congrats on making it to week five of C25K. I can’t seem to get past week three! But I’m doing a 5K next weekend anyway.. I figure I’ll just run when i can and walk the rest. Good luck to you!

  2. What a CUTE baby! Thanks for taking her. I work in rescue and there are way to many that don’t find a home 🙂

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